In this project you'll make a portfolio!

1. Add a title and heading to the page.

(For example: My Portfolio, Sam's Games, etc.)

2. Under the heading, write a paragraph about your coding experience, favorite projects, and things you want to learn!

3. Using a smaller heading, start a section for Scratch projects.

4. Go to the Scratch website, and find your favorite Scratch project.

5. On your Scratch project page, figure out how to embed your Scratch project into your portfolio website.

6. Embed your Scratch project under your Scratch heading and add a description.

7. Now repeat that for any other Scratch projects you want to show off!

8. Under your Scratch projects, create a new heading for your Woof projects.

9. Find your favorite Woof project, and open it in full-screen mode. Copy the URL to your clipboard.

10. Look at the code you used to embed your Scratch projects. Can you make that same code work with the Woof URL you copied?

11. Embed the Woof project below the Woof heading (include a description!), and repeat the same for any other Woof projects you want to share!

12. Now it's time to add style to your page!.

First, change the backgound of the page -- you can use a color or a picture. (You might need to change your font color so it's still readable).

13. Now style your headings -- you can style the font, font color, background color, border... anything you'd like!.

14. Add a picture you like under your main heading!

15. Make everything appear in the center of the page instead of on the left side.

16. Continue to develop your page. Add more Scratch projects, change the fonts, put the sections into colored boxes -- you can do anything. Get creative!

17. Save and share your project!