Superboss Faceoff

Use the arrow keys to dodge SuperBoss’s three attacks and pick up shield and rocket power-ups. The “R” key fires three rockets once you have picked up the power up. Destroy the SuperBoss before getting hit five times.

1) First, draw or choose a spacecraft and pick a background for the game. Then make it so your craft can move in all four directions.

2) After you have a movable craft, figure out how to give it laser power! Hint: hide the laser, and create the code for its clones.

3) Once your craft is armed, it’s time to draw the Boss you want to defeat, and decide how you want it to move.

4) Add variables that keep track these two character’s health. These will come in handy when you want to make your game harder.

5) Now, arm the Boss with things your craft must avoid. In this version of the game, the Boss has three unique attacks, make as many as you want to make the game challenging!

6) Next, create some power-ups. This game has shield and rocket power-ups, what are other ways you could make the game more interesting as you get closer to victory?

7) At this point, your game is awesome! Last thing to do is some polishing. You can add an into, an ending for both victory, and defeat, and any kind of visual effects/ costumes you like!