Platform Game

Use the arrow keys and spacebar in this platform game to dodge the balls and get to the end.

1) Draw a platform background, with ground one color, and ladders another color, at least three platforms, and a finish place.

2) If the character is not touching the ground or a platform, make it fall until it does. (To see the example again, click the green flag.)

3) Now, make the character fall realistically. (Hint: Does a falling object’s speed stay the same, get faster, or get slower as it falls? Observe the difference between the examples for step 2 and step 3.)

4) Make the left-right arrow keys move your sprite on ground with its legs moving.

5) Make the up-arrow key move your sprite up the ladder when you’re touching it.

6) Make the spacebar have your sprite jump. (Hint: When you jump, on the way up, does your speed get faster, slower or stay the same?)

7) Add balls. (Hint: Making them move is easier than you think.)

8) Make the finish place work.

9) Be creative: add another level or a trapdoor or a laser or another kind of obstacle.