One Finger Soccer Defender

In this project, we're going to build a soccer ball kicking survival game. Kick the balls away and avoid getting hit for as long as possible!

1) Create a new project. Delete the existing Cat Sprite and choose your own character sprite and backdrop. The example uses Jordyn because she has a good kick costume!

2) Make your character kick left when you push left, kick right when you push right, and stand idle when you are pushing nothing at all. Spend plenty of time here thinking about how to do it and how to make it work well!

3) Make sprites enter from the left and right, randomly, flying towards your character. (hint: try clones!)

4) Add Health and Score. Make your character able to hit the attacking sprites! Hitting them should make them disappear and add to Score. Getting hit also makes the balls disappear, but it damages your Health. Add an effect so players know you got hurt!

5) Add a game over screen when your character's health reaches zero.

6) After blocking twenty sprite attacks, give the player a break, then raise the difficulty. Level 2!

7) Add a new character to play. Hello, Ben!

8) Make your attacking sprites animate when kicked! Explosions? Kick away? Change into bunnies and hop away?

Bonus Challenge (Advanced)

Bonus) Every ten hits in a row, celebrate with a freeze frame effect. Try the example to see what we mean.