NY Crossing

This bug is hungry! Win the game by eating all of the snacks. Use the arrow keys to move. Avoid traffic and the water, this bug can't swim!

1) Pick or create a backdrop and choose a character.

2) Have the character start at one end of the screen and move when the player uses the arrow keys.

3) Create some obstacles and have them move accross the screen repeatedly. Start with three of these obstacles, you can add more later. Hint: In this game, some obstacles use cloning, some do not.

4) Create a variable to control how many lives the user has. When your character touches the obstacles, it should go back it's starting position and lose a life.

5) If you created a water obstacle that you must hop on, make sure the character moves along the water with the obstacle.

6) Next, pick , and put it somewhere far away from your character. Start with one snack and add more later.

7) Create a variable to keep track of your score. What happens when you win? You will also want to send your character back to its original position when it reaches the goal at the end.

8) Add more goals! Also, create something to go between the goals so the user can’t hit all of them in one trip.

9) How else can you make your game unique?