Micro Indy 500

In this project, we're going to build a multiplayer racing game! Try it with your friends!

1) Go to the link below and click "Remix" at the top. This will get us our race track and car sprites! If you'd prefer to make your own, you can do that, too!

Micro Indy 500 - Remix

2) Choose a car to start with. Program it to move forward, backward, and turn. The example uses the arrow keys to move the blue car.

3) Make it so if you hit the track edge, play a crash sound and reset back to the start!

4) Make it so if you hit another car, you lose control of the car and spin out!

5) Now copy all your control code to the other three cars! Make sure every car has its own controls. Try your first race with a friend!

6) Now that you've tried out your first race, let the players know who crossed the finish line first! Blue WINS!!

7) Create an intro screen that teaches players their controls and announces the start of the race! That's my voice. It's so weird!

8) Create checkpoints where players reset to if they crash. It's a lot more fun now, don't you think?

Bonus Challenge (Advanced)

Bonus) Make the cars speed up and slow down over time, like real cars! You can even add a button for hitting the breaks if you want. Wow, it's so detailed now!