In this project, we're going to build a meteor game, where a ship flies around and shoots down meteors for points. Use the left and right arrow keys to steer, the up arrow key to move, and the space button to shoot.

1) Create a ship and backdrop for your game. Have your character move when you press the up arrow key, and have it turn when you press the left and right arrow keys.

2) Have your ship fire a laser when the space key is pressed. Have the lasers disappear when they touch a wall.

3) Create a large meteor and make it so that it appears on a point on the map when the game starts and move continuously in random direction when it spawns. Have the meteor bounce off of walls and edges of the game.

4) When a large meteor is hit by a laser, have it “turn” into two smaller meteors and have the laser disappear. Make these two asteroids continuously move and bounce off of walls, and have the laser disappear when it touches one.

5) When a meteor (large or small) is destroyed, have a score counter increase by one.

6) Make it so that when a certain score is reached, the level of the game increases.

7) Make the large meteors appear more frequently as the levels increase.

8) Add a life counter that decreases when the ship is hit by a meteor (feel free to add a visual cue that the ship has taken damage). Have the game end when you run out of lives.