Jump Slide

How Long can you keep Scratchy going?! Use the Up/Down arrows to avoid oncoming objects.

1) Choose a backdrop and character.

2) Next, using costumes, make your character run in place forever (hint: this requires a sprite with different costumes for walking, otherwise you need to draw them).

3) Now make your character jump when the up arrow is pressed and duck when the down arrow is pressed.

4) Add an obstacle that moves across the screen from right to left for your character to jump over.

5) Create a second costume for the obstacle. Your character should have to duck to avoid this one.

6) Create a variable for the score so that every time the user avoids an obstacle, the score increases.

7) Let’s see if you can make the game harder as the score goes up! (the speed of the obstacles should get faster as the score increases)

8) Create a variable for lives. Then, make your character change colors when it gets hit by an obstacle.

9) Add more costumes to your obstacle sprite, or anything else to make your game unique (powerups…?). In this game, the cloud sprite aids the illusion that Scratchy is moving.