Hover Crab

Catch the fish! Use the Left and Right arrow keys to catch as many fish as you can before letting five escape.

1) Create a new project. Delete the cat, and choose your own sprite and background to get started.

2) Have the crab move left and right when the corresponding arrow key is pressed.

3) Create another sprite that starts at the bottom of the screen, moves towards the crab, then hides when it touches the crab, or the edge of the screen.

4) Create clones of your fish that start in different places. You can change the number or frequency of clones to change the game's difficulty. Hint: Hide the original sprite so you only have to write the code for clones.

5) Add variables so the game keeps track of score and lives. Think about what the score and time should start at, and how/when they should change.

6) The game is almost done, but remember, the pros spend a lot of time on the finishing touches. See if you can add a costume change for crab, a countdown at the beginning, instructions, and other personal touches of your own!