Flappy Bird

Yep, we are making flappy bird! Press the spacebar to flap and try to navigate through the gaps in the pipes!

1) Delete the cat and add a character that has wings (and can flap). Add a cool backdrop.

2) On flag click, your sprite should start in the center of the screen and slowly fall. If it reaches the bottom of the screen, your character should say, "Game Over."

3) When space is pressed, make your sprite flap its wings and fly. (Can you make the flapping look natural? Think about how birds actually flap their wings.)

4) When you click the spacebar twice quickly in a row, does your sprite go up once or twice? If it only goes up once, make sure it goes up twice.

5) Draw pipes. Can you make them look round? Tip: vector mode might be easier for this and try making both pipes in one sprite. Also, make sure your sprite can fit between them comfortably.

6) Make the pipes move.

7) Add a score that goes up every time your sprite passes the pipes

8) Create multiple pipes (hint: try using clones!)

9) End the game whenever the sprite touches a pipe. (Tip: stop(all) doesn’t work well for this. Can you figure it out with stop(other scripts in this sprite)?

10) Make the pipes randomly have the opening higher or lower. (Tip: set the size of the pipes to 200% so that they always fill the screen.)