Use the left and right arrow keys to turn the hoop. Make sure that the obstacles don't hit the red or blue!

1) Create your hoop sprite with two differently-colored balls on opposite sides. (Tip: Use vector mode for better sprite design). Have it turn right and left with the right and left arrows.

2) Create your obstacle sprite. It should have different costumes with different shapes/positions. Get creative!

3) Make your obstacle start at the top of your screen and fall constantly. When it reaches the bottom of the page, have it go back up and change costumes. The same should happen if it hits the red or blue parts of the hoop.

4) Create your score and level variables. Have the score go up each time the obstacle reaches the bottom edge. When you get to 5 points, make the level go up, and reset the score back to 0.

5) Set the score back to 0 every time the obstacle touches the red or blue balls. When the player passes level 5, have the player win and the game end.

6) Make the obstacle fall faster and faster as the level increases.

7) Add some music and special effects! (HINT: Use "Change ghost effect by..." from the "Looks" category for cool fade effects.)