Choose Your Own Adventure

In this project, we're going to make a choose your own adventure game. You can choose your own characters and story line!

1) Create a new background and character.

2) On flag click, have your character say "Click me to say hi"

3) On click, make your character say hi and ask for the user's name.

4) Have your character say "Hi 'name'!" using the name the player gave (if the player said 'Joe' your character should say 'Hi Joe!').

5) Ask the user how they're doing and respond based on their answer. For example if the player says they are good, your character can respond by saying 'that's great!'

6) Ask the user if they're ready for an adventure, and give them two options of different places to go. Make different scenarios for both of the options. You could go to the moon, to help Harry Potter defeat Voldemort, to steal candy from Candy Land. It's up to you!