Catch the Dots

In this project, we’re making a game where you rotate a controller to catch the colored dots correctly.

1) Delete the original sprite and draw a controller sprite. Put it in the center of the screen.

2) When you click the left and right arrow keys, make the controller rotate. (Challenge: can you make the rotation motion smooth?)

3) Create a single dot sprite. Have the dot sprite hide and then clone itself. When the flag is clicked, have the clone start in the right-hand corner. Have it travel towards the center and disapear when it hits the controller.

4) Instead of having the clone start in the same place every time, have it start in a random location on the screen.

**Optional Challenge:** Instead of having your sprite go to a random location, have it go to one of the four corners of the screen. (Create your own custom block in More Blocks called “go to a random corner,” define it, and use it in your dot sprite.)

5) Create a score that goes up whenever the dot is correctly caught. (Still just one color.)

6) Create a lives variable that starts at 3 and goes down whenever a dot is caught incorrectly. The single dot should continue to reappear until there are 0 lives. (Still just one color.)

7) Instead of having just a single dot, have your dot continue to clone itself.

8) Now add different colored dots. (Tip: this may involve tweaking of various parts of the game to make it fun but also possible.)

9) Optional: make the game get progressively harder and harder the further you get