Apple Catcher

In this project, we're going to build a game where you need to catch falling apples before they hit the ground!

1) Choose a background and a sprite for your main character.

2) Make your character move left when you press the left arrow key.

3) Make your character move right when you press the right arrow key.

4) Create a sprite that your character will have to catch. Make it start at a random spot on the top of the screen when the flag is clicked.

5) Once the apple appears at a random spot, make it fall constantly.

6) Have the game stop if the apple touches the ground.

7) When your character catches the apple, make the apple go back to the top of the screen.

8) Create a scoreboard that keeps track of how many apples you catch.

9) Create a level variable. When you get three points, make the level go up, and reset the score to zero.

10) Make the apples fall faster and faster as the level increases.