Animal Piano

In this project, we're going to build a piano out of your favorite animals and characters! Look at them sing!

1) Create a new project. Delete the existing Cat Sprite and choose your own animal or character sprites! Seven in all!

2) When you click your cute doggo or superhero, play a note! Match the character with the note if you can, orr record the note in the character's voice for lots of fun!

3) Navigate to the costumes tab. For each of your characters, make a new costume with the mouth open. Hint: You can duplicate your current costumes as a starting point by right/two-finger clicking on the costume!

4) Now when you click your kitty or spiderman, make them switch between the costumes to look like they are singing!

5) Write a song and teach it to someone sitting near you. Let them play!

Bonus Challenge (Advanced)

Bonus) Add buttons to record and play songs. When a musician reads sheet music, what are they learning from the paper? What do you need to know to play a song? Hint: You can store an entire song in one variable. When you finish, research MIDI online, and watch MIDI songs on YouTube. You just made a simple version of MIDI!