In this project, we’re going to make a Paint application, where you can draw, erase, and choose different colors.

1) Create a circle sprite. On flag click, the circle should move with your mouse pointer.

2) When you click and drag, it should continue to move with you and also draw. (Tip: Your code may only work properly in full screen mode for this game.)

3) Create a width variable slider. Make the size of your sprite and the width of the lines correlate with the width variable. (Tip: To make the variable a slider, double click on the variable display. Also, use "Go back 10 layers" in the Looks menu to make your circle sprite always be behind other sprites.)

4) Create a clear button that clears the screen.

5) Create 4 different color options that change the pen’s color

6) Create an erase button

7) Share your game publicly by clicking the share button in the top-right corner.