If this is a little hard, click here for a version of the Maze Game untutorial that has more steps.

In this project, we're going to make a maze game.

1) Make a background and design your maze using one color. Remember; let your creativity flow! Feel free to make any design you like, as long as you leave a white path to follow.

2) Choose a sprite to solve your maze; make the sprite fit your game and teleport to the starting point of your maze when the green flag is pressed.

3) Give your character movement, and map the 4 directional arrow keys to their respective motions. Make sure to prevent your sprite from rotating, so he doesn't accidentally hit a maze wall.

4) Make it so that every time your sprite touches a wall of the maze, your sprite gets teleported back to the starting point.

5) Make a second level for your maze game. Create a variable called level and make it start at one when the green flag is pressed.

6) Make a finish spot on your first level. Also make it so that when you get to the finish spot, the game switches to the second level. (Hint: You are going to need to go back and change a few things to do this).

7) Make it so that when your character touches the finish spot on the second level, the game is won. (Hint: there are many ways to convey the message that the player has won, feel free to do it any way you like!)

8) Share your game publicly by clicking the share button in the top-right corner and submit it below.