Guitar Champion

In this project, we're going to build a guitar hero-esque game, where notes travel down a track waiting to be played.

1) Create the track for your “notes” to travel down. Also create several different colored buttons as well as “notes” of corresponding colors.

2) Make it so that when the flag is pressed, each “note” starts moving along its track towards its button at with each starting at a random time.

3) Make it so that when a “note” travels over a button and a specific key is pressed, have the “note” disappear (Hint: try to come up with a clever way to show the player which arrow keys the buttons correspond to).

4) Make it so that when a note disappears a noise is made, and the button makes a flashy indication that it’s been correctly pressed.

5) Have the note start back on the track at a random time when it disappears.

6) Add a score counter that keeps track of how many notes were correctly played.

7) Have the game end when a note fails to be played.

10) Share your game publicly by clicking the share button in the top-right corner and submit it below.