Design Click

In this game, when the user presses the mouse down, stars appear! See what happens to the color when you click different places on the screen, and see how the shape changes when you play around with the sliders.

1) First, replace the scratchy cat sprite with some kind of small sprite, like a dot.

2) Your sprite should always follow around the mouse pointer when the green flag is clicked.

3) Next, use pen and motion blocks to make a line when you click.

4) See if you can turn that line into some kind of shape. (Hint: try changing the angle.)

5) Make the shape change color on each different click.

6) Create a button that lets the user clear the screen and start over.

7) In this game, the color of the shape depends on the coordinates of the click, and other characteristics of the shape can be modified using variables. Can you make something different every time you click?

8) Share your game publicly by clicking the share button in the top-right corner and submit it below.