In this game, when you reach the top of the screen, gravity flips and you have to get the ball to the bottom on the screen. How many times can you reach the portal? Use the left and right arrow keys.

1) First, create a character you want to jump up the platform, as well as one platform.

2) Make the platform start at the top of the screen, fall to the bottom of the screen, then hide.

3) Now clone the platform character, so that the platforms are continually falling from different places on the screen. Remember to hide the original sprite, and code only for the clones.

4) The platforms should spawn at random locations and be should be different sizes. Think about ways to control where the platforms spawn so the game is fun.

5) Give the user the ability to move the ball left and right.

6) Time to introduce gravity to the game. The ball should always be falling except for when it is resting on a platform.

7) Create a jumping function for the ball that can be used when the ball is touching a platform.

8) Draw or choose a portal that users must climb to. When you reach the portal, the ball should go back to the bottom.

9) It’s easier when there is a pause after you reach the portal. Add a countdown so the user has some time to get ready.

10) Add a variable to keep track of the user’s score.

11) As the game progresses, it should get harder to reach the portals.

12) Add a cloud variable that stores the game’s best score of all time.

13) When the ball reaches the top of the screen, gravity should flip. This means the platforms should go from the bottom of the screen to the top, and the goal is to get the ball to the bottom while gravity pushes it up.

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